2016 Reading Challenge: Have you reached your target yet?

We are towards the end of 2016, the ‘Reading Year’, but Reading Challenges will still continue and new targets will be set by the beginning of 2017.

During the end of every year the announcement of best books got released by December as well as the expected release of the new publications.

The voting and selection are currently running online on the major webpages such as kinokuniya (the largest bookstore chain in Japan and known for its immense size of its bookshops stores in the world); Goodreads (the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations); and Waterstones (one of the largest bookshops in UK).

You might meet your next favorite book there!

Why I read?

My family, friends, and colleagues keep on asking me: Do you really enjoy reading?

Absolutely!  Otherwise, I’ll quit reading long time ago.

I started reading since high School, for more than 11 years or reading. For me reading is not only for pleasure and entertaining, it’s also for gaining knowledge and developing my skills.

Reading’s benefits for me are the following:

  1. New words and expressions,
  2. Improve my imaginations,
  3. Reduce Stress and nervousness,
  4. See things in a different way,
  5. Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment!

Books are my best friends!


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